Workshop: Land and Property Rights for Sustainable Development

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Dear colleagues and friends,
Global Land Tool Network in partnership with UN-HABITAT, Kartverket and Habitat Norway have the great pleasure to invite you to a workshop on “Land and Property Rights for Sustainable Development”. This event will mark the global partnership entry into the “SDG Action Decade towards 2030”.

With more than 70% of the global population lacking legally recognized documentation for the land they live on or use for production, land and tenure insecurity presents a significant obstacle to efforts to create acceptable living conditions for all. Forced evictions and “land grabbing” take place on almost on all continents, resulting in the loss of safe and stable environments for children and youth to grow up in. Women’s rights are particularly vulnerable in these situations, and in particular in contexts affected by human conflict and natural disasters. Guaranteed rights to land and property (secure tenure) will improve ordinary people’s opportunities to invest in and improve their housing situation. These are amongst the challenges and opportunities to be presented and deliberated upon during the workshop.

We kindly request that you register via registration form at
or on before January 28th.