What’s the T? Transparency in the tea and coffee industry

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Welcome to an evening dedicated to the topics of transparency and sustainability in the tea and coffee industry. Join us for some tea, coffee, and food for thought.

Do you ever think about where the coffee or tea you are drinking is coming from? Who made it? Did they get a fair price for their hard work?

We do! All the time! And we think it is about time that this information becomes available to everyone.

The tea industry is following slowly in the footsteps of the coffee industry when it comes to being quality-oriented, and trading in a way that ensures transparency and fair pricing. This evening we will draw parallels between the tea and coffee industry, share experiences and hopefully learn a thing or two about how we can continue to focus on transparency.

You don’t want to miss this if you are interested in tea, coffee, and ethical trade.


The evening begins with a short introduction by Austin Hodge. Austin is a bit of a legend in the specialty tea industry and he has been working with direct trade of high-quality tea in China for almost 20 years. Austin has got some exciting tales to tell!

The next part of the program will be a conversation drawing parallels between the tea and coffee industry.

In addition to Austin, we have 3 knowledgeable people with a wide experience working with tea and coffee who will join the panel discussion. Of course, we are also hoping for a lot of interesting questions from the audience.