Transformations: Kaja Ahnfelt

  • Dette arrangement har allerede funnet sted.

Kaja Ahnfelt comes to SUM to talk about how sustainability plays a role in her job at the Deichman Library.

About the speaker
KAJA AHNFELT is a former SUM student. On the basis of her master thesis, she founded Restarters Oslo, an organization working to change people’s relationship with electronics, by throwing Restart Parties («Fiksefester for elektronikk») and by voicing the ethical and environmental challenges of the electronic industry. For this work, she was awarded Oslo’s Environmental Prize. Kaja now works in the library Grünerløkka Deichman with their vision for being a green library. This includes organizing activities, debates and book collection. Kaja is passionate about community building, and how we can use green challenges to also meet social issues. In her lecture, she will draw on examples from both jobs, focusing on connections between communal grassroots actions, policy making and change of societal norms. Additionally, she will reflect on the topics of positive messaging, collaboration, skill building, and social inclusion on the path to a more sustainable society.

About the seminar series
Transformations is a series of lectures given by former students at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), focusing on how former SUM students have put academic research into practical use in their jobs.