ReArctic Think&talk | Oslo / Klimafest på SALT

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Join us for the next ReArctic Think&talk | Oslo following up the launch at COP 25. The panel dialogue will be in Norwegian.

This event provides a different kind of seminar experience that creates an interactive dialogue between participants sharing ideas about environmental solutions, the Arctic and Bold Climate Action perspectives.

PANELISTS | Full bios, see or below.
ISELIN SHUMBA, Actress and Climate Activist / #IStillhetForKlima #InSilenceForClimate
CATHARINA H. FROSTAD, Young Entrepreneur Clean Sea Solutions
KETIL ISAKSEN, Climate Scientist / Norwegian Meteorological Institute Meteorologisk institutt

Moderator and facilitator: Heidi Helgestad and Alexander Telje.

The event is open for everyone to attend, free entrance and the bar on the boat is open. A big welcome to everyone interested in climate action, youth, students, entrepreneurs and other changemakers.

The event will take place at the boat of The Ocean Opportunity Lab during Klimafestivalen § 112. The boat is docked at SALT art & music for the day and evening.

REARCTIC THINK&TALK is a series of Global Dialogues on Bold Climate Action. Launched at COP 25 and continuing towards COP 26, november 2020 when the UN Nations will present their actions to fullfill the Paris agreement.

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The event is supported by Stiftelsen Flux and produced in collaboration with our partner Memetor.