Invisible Marks!

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Welcome to this interactive theater play, presenting its new game! 

Join us and be part of our online show and look at the carbon footprint we all leave behind every day of our lives.

Log in on the zoom link and you will get further instructions,

The play explore how edutainment is part of solutions to combat climate change. It is creative, collaborative and across continents to explore our personal footprints. This is an online theatre performance, and it will be SpectACtors. The play is organized by the cross-cultural theater group The Red Curtain International.

This online activity is interlinked with the physical meeting, Cool People, Cool the Planet, taking place at GreenHouse, 21st January, hosted by C6 World Erasmus+. It is a pilot and a teaser for a teaser, and experimental digital theatre. It will be performed in lenght for Earth Day 22. April 2023.

Let us explore the invisible mark. Are you ready to Act?
The goal is to reach a billion human beings to make a transition to be aware of our footprints. Can we do it? Will we do it?
​Creative, collaborative, culture to combat climate change! Are you ready to take action? #ican #wecan #ucan

Red Curtain Theatre International in partnership with World Climate School and C6 World presents: INVISIBLE MARKS. It is a new digital production looking at our lifestyle and the marks of our footprints.  The red curtains are opening today 21. January at 5pm CET, as part of the program of Klimatefestival in Oslo and the presentation of the World of C6.  You take part by connect at this zoomline.