Climate Struggles Through Law & Movies

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What happens when climate lawsuits do not achieve immediate results?

Photo: Alessandro Belleli

Are there other avenues whereby to catalyze emotions, engagement, and social movements? The Norwegian Climate Case, concerning the Arctic, was not a full-fledged victory—but directors in the Arctic may work in parallel for questioning its possible oil & gas industrial development.

In this lunch seminar, Documentary Director and Social Anthropologist Alessandro Belleli takes us into a journey across snapshots of life in the Arctic. Starting from a personal reflection on being a father in a time of climate concerns, the filmmaker engages into a journey with the camera in order to enhance a further dialogue about the future of the Arctic among its’ people, portraying different lives and collecting their visions about the possible oil & gas industrialization of it. From Skarpeneset and Tromsø Havn in a possibly Post-Petroleum North, through a singing voice of the environmental & climate activist, to a sea & fisherman’s perspective, continuing to Hammerfest and an oil worker’s side.

Esmeralda Colombo (Faculty of Law, UiB) will reflect on Alessandro’s presentation and open the debate with Frode Storaas (Department of Cultural History, UiB) and the public. This event is part of Klimafestivalen § 112 – Bergen.

All welcome! Refreshments will be served.

Born in Trentino (Italy) in March 1983, Alessandro Belleli is an arctic anthropologist, photographer and filmmaker. He holds a bachelor in Economics with a specialization in Social Studies and International Cooperation at the University of Trento (2007), a Master in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Genoa (2011) and a Master in Visual Anthropology at the Arctic University of Norway (2015). As an anthropologist photographer and filmmaker, he has been working in Denmark, Western Greenland, Brazil and Northern Norway. His works have been shown and published on the National Italian TV RAI, the National Norwegian TV NRK & by the Italian Polar Institute.